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maandag, mei 29, 2023

Dylan van de lamar


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    CH Un Vision du Chemin des Dames  
      Romy du Chemin des Dames
  CH Kwando van de Hoge Laer    
      If du Puits D'ombelle
    Beggy of the Two  
      Juby des Trois Fleuves

CH Dylan van de Lamar PE
(23 Jun 1991 - 23 July 2002)

      CH Grimm van de Hoge Laer
    Vrac du Sart des Bois  
      Mirbelle du Chemin des Dames
  Jolie-Canelle du Domaine Ponti PE    
      Zarka of the Two
    Fedorah du Domaine Ponti  
      Canelle du Domaine Ponti

Dutch Champion
World Champion
Re in France
Elite A in Holland

What more can you wish about this dog. She was en elegant bitch with a strong character. She was an eyecatcher in the ring just like her brother djaegar. Dylan was one of our top-producing bitches. She became 11 years old but always in good health.  She was the dam of our H- I- K and M-litter. Dylan has given us Inou and Ilot who stayed in our kennel. Last but not least she gave us Moon-Dylan. We are very gratefull for these bitches who will give us the future.