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dinsdag, juni 02, 2020

About us

Having a dream, buildlng the dream, creating the dream!

Our passion for the belgian shepherd began in the early 80´s. What started as a hobby became a passion for life.
After we were containted with the virus of doghows we soon decided to start breeding these lovely
animals. We have imported dogs from Belgium and France, who were most influantial for our own bred
dogs and the breed in Holland.

In almost 25 years we have bred several litters and not without succes. http://vandelamar.nl/images/stories/canelle.bmp
We are a small kennel and have approximately 2 litters a year. Once someone said. it´s not the quantity but the quality that matters!
Along this way we have bred many champions and " Winner" dogs all over the world.
This gives us a lot of safisfaction and drive to contribute to the breed.
All our dogs, from youngster to our veterans live in the house as our friends and compagnions.

Our puppies are home reared, innoculated and chipped with european passport. Consequently, all our dogs are hip scored behttp://vandelamar.nl/images/stories/Nestfotos/zowi-pups.jpgfore breeding. We hope to breed one or maximum two litters per year, but sometimes it happens that we have no litters in a year as well. All depends on the conditions of our dogs and of course the time we have to spend it on the little ones.

Raising a litter is quite intensive when you want to do it right concerning socializing, feeding and cleaning and of course all the visitors. The first two/three weeks we give our bitches with their newborn litter the rest they need, after this time you are most welcome to visit us and play with the puppies.

The Belgian Shepherd is a lively intelligent dog.They make ideal family companions but also enjoy
activities such as obedience, agility and tracking making them a real multi-purpose dog. Their social
character generally goes very well with children and they devellop most well being a part;of the family
As a breeder of the Tervueren variety, our aim is to produce healthy and happy dogs of good breed type,
hopefully with a touch of class and quality that makes Belgians so special.

We hope you will enjoy our website.

Freddy & Sandra Dubach

Dommelstraat 28
5551 TA  Valkenswaard