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vrijdag, april 20, 2018

Gyro de Bruine Buck HD A

 Gyro de Bruine Buck HD A Dutch and Danish Champion pE

Mai 2011 pictures in courtesy of Tom Roozen

Mai 2011


Mai 2010 August 2009

Gyro is our black adventure. He is a very happy and pleasent dog with a very open and social character.
At the age of 2.5 years he has become Dutch and Danish Champion.

He has produced his first litter in 2013 at kennel From Black velvets Home.


    Briscar du Sart des Bois
  Jason de la Douce Plaine  
    Dyna de la Douce Plaine
Solitiaire de Bruine Buck    
    Jarl Wendy v. Lana's Hof
  Kim de Bruine Buck  
    Nozem de Bruine Buck


    If du Crepuscule des Loups
  Rival de la Fureur de Crepuscule  
    Newty de la Fureur de Crepuscule
Brendo de Bruine Buck    
    Brando Holly v. het Lochersnest
  Ginger de Bruine Buick  
    Nozem de Bruine Buck


Foreign shows Results Judge
NE Danmark 2009 1 exc.CAC Mrs. C. Bond
NE Danmark 2009 1 exc. CAC Mrs. J. MacAndie
Worldshow 2010 1 exc. CAC Mr. G. Christensen
NE Danmark 2010 1 exc. CAC Mrs. C. Bond
NE Belgium 1 exc. Mr. Descamps
Amiens 3 exc. Mr. Griol
NE France 4 exc. Dr. Schafner/ M. Roise

Dutch Shows Results Judge
Wychen 2009 1 exc. CAC Mr. D. Spruyt
Eindhoven 2010 1 exc. RCAC Mrs. W. van Deyl
Goes 2010 1 exc. CAC Mrs. E. bakker v.d. Woestijne
Arnhem 2010 1 exc. CAC Mr. J. de Gids
NE Holland 2 exc. Mr. F. Aertgeerts
Winner Amsterdam 1 exc. RCACIB Mme. Heraly
Leiden 1 exc. CACIB and BOB Mr. H. v.d. Berg
NE Holland 3 exc. C. Fynmore
Charactertest Holland exc.+